Q. I just purchased Cinelog but cannot access the LUT Bank?

The LUT Bank requires user registration and activation. The link to the signup form is protected by a unique keycode that will be provided on your sales receipt. The keycode should be appended to the LUT Bank link shown in the 'Join the Cinelog LUT Bank.PDF' included in your product download. Following registration you will receive an email. Please click the link in this email to verify your account. You will then be able to login to the LUT bank on the CinelogDCP website.

Q. I registered a LUT bank account but cannot login.

First check that you verified your account. If you have verified your account and still cannot login please contact us using the contact form on the CinelogDCP website. We prioritize support for LUT bank users.

LUT Bank accounts may be suspended if unusual activity is detected but we will contact the user in such cases.

Q. I am part of a studio/collective who wish to purchase more than one product. Do you offer a discount for group purchases?

We are willing to participate in discounted group buys of Cinelog products where each participant can receive the product directly from Cinelog, receive technical support and create their own LUT bank account. Please contact us to discuss options.

Card fraud

We value all our customers but, like most online businesses, we have fallen victim to fraudulent purchases made using stolen credit card details.

CinelogDCP is a very small business and fraudulent purchases cost us a substantial amount of money as it is Cinelog who must fully reimburse the card issuer for losses plus pay additional handling fees for each transaction. If we are notified of a fraudulent sale or chargeback we will immediately suspend the associated LUT Bank account and email record (used for sending updates/upgrades). In cases of credit card fraud, we always provide user details, including IP address, VPN provider details, times and other data to the card issuer's legal department who may take legal action.

We strongly advise users who wish to join a group buy contact us directly. Unofficial group buys originating on some Russian message boards are fraudulent with the original purchaser often using stolen credit card information. Anyone who participates in these purchases is deemed jointly and criminally liable for any losses we incur.

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